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Video: Driver shoots at Pa. officer during traffic stop, at large

The driver shot 3 rounds at the officer after being pulled over for a suspected DUI - Full Story


Photo: Slain Colo. trooper's baby a stark reminder of dangers of policing

The photo posted by the sheriff's department warns Facebook fans what can happen after a 'few beers' - Full Story


Minn. man caught faking seizure to avoid DUI, speeding ticket

The driver faked the affliction in hopes of dodging a DUI allegation - Full Story


Pa. woman arrested for 2 DUI crashes in 1 day

Police say the woman offered a stranger $3 for a ride back to her crashed vehicle - Full Story


Video: Ohio State QB pleads with cops to get out of DUI

Ohio State quarterback J.T. Barrett pleaded guilty to last month's DUI charges and apologized for his behavior - Full Story


DUI blood draw was 1 minute too late, might be tossed out of Pa. trial

A vehicular homicide defendant asked to toss out blood-alcohol sample because it was taken out of legal timeframe - Full Story


'Hell on Wheels' arrested for W.Va. DUI

Police say suspect had a blood-alcohol content of 0.20 percent - Full Story


Video: Drunk driver collides with Fla. cruiser

The body-camera footage shows moments of the collision and events that followed - Full Story


Calif. businesses teaming up with police on alcohol problem

The operations includes targeting businesses that overserve alcohol to patrons and people underage - Full Story

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