Video: SC deputy shoots knife-wielding man

Suspect approached a deputy as he conducted a traffic stop and pulled a knife on him

By PoliceOne Staff

CLARENDON COUNTY, S.C. — Dash-cam video captured the shooting of a man who from underneath an umbrella, approached a deputy conducting a traffic stop and pulled a knife on him.

Clarendon County Deputy Danny Graham had just issued a speeding ticket to a motorist on August 13 when a man walked down the road toward the scene of the traffic stop, Sheriff Randy Garrett told WLTX

Police say Anthony Pearson, 37, pulled out a seven-inch butcher knife and lunged at the deputy.

In the video, Graham backs up, draws his weapon and points it at Pearson, who was wounded.

"It's a justified shoot in my book," Garrett said. "He's clear."

It is unclear why Pearson attacked, but he was once shot in the shoulder in an encounter with law enforcement in New York, according to the station. He was treated at the hospital and last reported to be awaiting a bond hearing on charges of attempted murder of a police officer.

Garrett offered to give Graham the day off after the shooting, but he declined. The motorist still received the ticket.

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