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Edged Weapons

Edged Weapons

The Edged Weapons topic covers news, tips, tactics and equipment officers need to defend against blade attacks. Whether it’s a butcher knife, a machete, an axe, or a pocket knife, police officers face the threat of an edged weapon attack exponentially more often than a firearm.
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October 18, 2014

Police ID NY man shot by police after stabbing rampage

Police said he stabbed a man and a woman with a box cutter on the bus, and also cut himself - Full Story
October 17, 2014

Conn. police stymied finding ID of man in stabbing rampage

Man slashed two passengers in a box-cutter rampage aboard a tour bus on Interstate 95 before he was fatally shot - Full Story
October 15, 2014
Man on stabbing rampage killed by Conn. trooper

Man on stabbing rampage killed by Conn. trooper

Another person suffered non-life threatening injuries when a bullet from the officer's gun ricocheted off the pavement - Full Story
October 15, 2014

Police: 2 park rangers stabbed on Boston Common

A homeless man was arrested Tuesday in what police say was the unprovoked stabbing of two park rangers on Boston Common - Full Story
October 14, 2014

Video: NM officer fatally shoots teen carrying replica

June 8 shooting of a teenager who displayed what turned out to be a cap gun was determined to be justified Wednesday - Full Story
October 08, 2014

Teen in stabbing rampage to be treated in detention center

Hribal, who turned 17 last week, has been in the detention center since he stabbed 20 students and a security guard at Franklin Regional High School - Full Story
October 04, 2014

NYPD: Officer shoots, kills knife-wielding man

The son lunged at the officers with a knife in hand, and an officer shot him once in the torso - Full Story
October 02, 2014

NYPD: Police mistakenly kill man in confrontation

An unarmed man who intervened in a confrontation between police and a knife-wielding assailant died of a gunshot to the back - Full Story
September 30, 2014
Secret Service head takes heat for WH breach

Secret Service head takes heat for WH breach

Facing blistering criticism from Congress, director acknowledged the agency fell short in executing its plan to protect the White House - Full Story
September 29, 2014

NJ cop stabbed, suspect shot after attempted gun-grab

15-year veteran officer was stabbed with a 10-12 inch steak knife during a struggle on a sidewalk - Full Story

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