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Edged Weapons

Edged Weapons

The Edged Weapons topic covers news, tips, tactics and equipment officers need to defend against blade attacks. Whether it’s a butcher knife, a machete, an axe, or a pocket knife, police officers face the threat of an edged weapon attack exponentially more often than a firearm.
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March 04, 2013

NY cop stabbed in neck, face; suspect at large

The officer is expected to make a full recovery, he called 911 to report the incident after the suspect fled with his radio - Full Story
February 26, 2013

Officials: Inmate kills Pa. corrections officer

Eric Williams, 34, was killed by an inmate who used a homemade weapon to stab him - Full Story
February 25, 2013

Video: Man attacks wife with meat cleaver

Firefighters wrestled the man to the ground allowing the victim to get away - Full Story
February 16, 2013
Judge: Man who lunged at cop with sword not guilty

Judge: Man who lunged at cop with sword not guilty

The Md. man has been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, and is expected to be committed to a mental hospital - Full Story
February 12, 2013

Sex offender inmate stabs Texas officer, flees

He somehow obtained a sharp object and stabbed one of the officers once in the neck and 3 times in the back - Full Story
February 04, 2013

Video: Police TASER knife-wielding man outside Buckingham Palace

The suspect was spotted carrying two knives outside the central gate of the London tourist landmark - Full Story
February 04, 2013
Mass. officer speared by suspect following pursuit

Mass. officer speared by suspect following pursuit

A 2 1/2 foot double bladed spear pierced the officer through his armor - Full Story
January 30, 2013

NJ man charged with bow and arrow killing

The suspect used a compound bow and a quiver of arrows to kill a man following a fist fight - Full Story
January 21, 2013

NJ man accused of stabbing stranger in store

Woman was pushing her 5-month-old in a carriage when her attacker stabbed her a dozen times - Full Story
January 02, 2013

Naked man wielding 'Samurai' sword arrested after standoff

32 police were at the scene blocking off the area as officers tried negotiating with the crazed man - Full Story

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