Elbeco DutyMaxx Wear Results

The Elbeco DutyMaxx Pant has been tested - now see what Law Enforcement Professionals thought



  • "Really wears well. Threw it in the dryer for a couple of minutes and the wrinkles came right out."

  • "Truly appreciate the stretch in the fabric and waistband. At first I thought I was going to tear the crotch as I mounted a police motorcycle, which would have happened with nearly all other pants of this fabric. "

  • "Allowed for very easy movement and flexing. Maintained the new uniform look. The plastic, large tooth zipper on the cargo pocket is very easy to open while moving and does not snag. Allows for easy access of contents while working."

  • "The stretch aspect of the fabric is the best part. Overall, I thought it felt like a quality cloth. It might have been slightly thicker? I was a little worried that the pockets would rip out at the corners but I haven't been able to wear them long enough to tell for sure. The color was slightly darker than our LAPD shirts"

Appearance and Fit

  • "The wider waistband fits very nicely under the duty belt and the rubber strips along the waistband keep the uniform shirt tucked in nicely."

  • "Most comfortable uniform pants I've worn to date!"

  • "Fit me perfectly, Was just tight enough to look good and maintain ease of movement. "

  • "The fit was the best part. The stretch waist and fabric made it much easier to move. I think the stretch will also reduce damage to seams. The side pockets are a God send and they look good, not military in any way."


  • "Really comfortable they didn't bind up or pull where they shouldn't."

  • "Comfortable in warm weather."

  • "The fit and comfort was superior to other poly blend pants and excellent feel. "

  • "These pants are much more comfortable and seem more functional than our current issue wool pants. Given the option I would much prefer these."

For more information about the Elbeco DutyMaxx Pant visit www.elbeco.com.