Elbeco UFX Wear Results

The Elbeco UFX Polo Has Been Tested, Now See What Law Enforcement Professionals Thought



  • "Really like the fabric. Have had other manufactuers shirts snag easily, this has not snagged under similair circumstances."

  • "Fabric performance was outstanding."

  • "The shirt was washed several times to see if there was fade, or excessive wrinkle from home washing. Unlike many other shirts I have tested, owned, and evaluated, the shirt had no discernable fade, and came out wrinkle free. Outstanding!"

  • "I really liked the shirt. It was comfortable to wear, it breaths really well and does not feel as heavy as cotton Polo's."

  • "The fabric performed well with no noticeable shrinkage or wrinkling. The color of the shirt did not appear to fade and the fabric didn't pick up any lint."

Appearance and Fit

  • "I was very happy with the fit of the shirt as well as the overall appearance. It is comfortable and flexible but not restrictive. I had the opportunity to teach a "Hands-on" class and the comfortable fit with the flexibilty made the job easy where some shirts tend to restrict or get pulled out of the tucked position."

  • "The garment had an extremely comfortable fit, great overall look and was amazingly durable."

  • "Really liked the shirt, it is going to replace some of my other shirts by other brands."

  • "The fit was great it had extra room for wearing a vest and it moved good. After wearing the shirt for four days it still looked clean and crisp. It did not hold odor and preformed great. I live in Florida and I wore the shirt doing everyday chores inside and outside. It is not summer here yet but it was hot outside and the shirt was comfortable and breathed. Not much of concern when wearing a ballistic vest but without the vest it worked great."


  • "Very comfortable."

  • "The shirt felt very solid. It gave ample room for body armor. The extra hook-ups for mikes and pens give additional indication of the thought that went into designing this shirt."

  • "The fabric had a great feel and managed moisture well by wicking it away from the body."

  • "The temps here in wyoming in the spring can go from low 30 to the 60's each day, was comfortable each day."

  • "In Michigan, we have had weather from freezing to over 80 degrees in the past week. In the hot sun, the shirt can get a little warm, but not unreasonably so. The radio mike holders and pen holders in the sleeve are great and convenient."

For more information about the Elbeco UFX Polo visit www.elbeco.com.