Emotionally Disturbed Persons (EDP)

Emotionally Disturbed Persons (EDP)

The Emotionally Disturbed Persons (EDP) topic examines and explains nature of people with social, mental, or behavioral problems and equips cops with the tools they need to safely handle these subjects, many of whom are close to suicide. Dealing with an emotionally disturbed person can be one of the most challenging encounters for an officer on patrol.
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December 14, 2010

Treatment faulted in death of Marine shot by cops

Cops responded to a shot fired at a VA Center in Maine and confronted the man, who was then shot in the neck - Full Story
November 27, 2010

NM chief criticizes mentally-ill TASER settlement

Says the suspect had troubled history with law enforcement since the 80s - Full Story
November 19, 2010

Ohio town grieves after 3 missing are found

After more than a week of searching, the missing family members were found stuffed into garbage bags and hidden in a hollow tree - Full Story
October 26, 2010

Calif. police kill gun-wielding erratic man

The officer contacted the suspect, and then the suspect produced a weapon - Full Story
October 10, 2010

'Mentally challenged' Pa. man dies after TASER use

Results of an autopsy on the 18-year-old are not yet available - Full Story
October 09, 2010

Man seeking PCP punches cop, bites K-9

Yelled "I need a bag of dust," and then punched the cop in the face - Full Story
October 08, 2010

Pa. man with history of violence toward police is killed

The 18-year-old man who had a history of mental-health problems dies in an attempt by police to subdue him - Full Story
October 05, 2010

Video: Fla. man kills father, self, wounds 5

The 24 year old shot and killed his father during a 13-minute rampage and then turned the gun on himself - Full Story
October 04, 2010

Audio: 'I'm ready to kill cops right now'

A newly released 911 call reveals that a man gunned down by officers was threatening to kill them - Full Story

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