Emotionally Disturbed Persons (EDP)

Emotionally Disturbed Persons (EDP)

The Emotionally Disturbed Persons (EDP) topic examines and explains nature of people with social, mental, or behavioral problems and equips cops with the tools they need to safely handle these subjects, many of whom are close to suicide. Dealing with an emotionally disturbed person can be one of the most challenging encounters for an officer on patrol.
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September 19, 2010

Maine cops respond to mental health crisis

Holes in the social-service network mean a more complex job for cops - Full Story
September 07, 2010
Ga. Army base gunman wanted to kill Obama

Ga. Army base gunman wanted to kill Obama

When the ex-soldier was asked how serious he was about killing Obama, he said, "On a scale of 1 to 10 about being serious, I am a 10." - Full Story
September 02, 2010

Discovery Channel gunman said humans should be sterilized

Police say the man had explosive devices strapped to his body that detonated when he was shot - Full Story
August 31, 2010

Medic on trial for stopping cop's TASER use on suicidal woman

Police say the she ran between an officer and a combative patient, preventing use of a TASER - Full Story
August 27, 2010

FBI agent accused of death threats to wife, colleague

After Ortiz allegedly told the friend about his homicidal plans, that friend alerted the bureau, prompting an investigation - Full Story
August 23, 2010

Stress and depression strain Fort Hood's health system

The number of soldiers seeking help for combat stress, substance abuse, broken marriages or other emotional problems keeps increasing - Full Story
August 19, 2010

Video: Old man cuts Mich. chief with cell phone

The Eastpointe man was angry about a tax increase during public comment at a city council meeting - Full Story
July 07, 2010

Maine man intentionally crashes into squad car

Man who "wanted to kill himself" has been charged with felony aggravated assault and aggravated criminal mischief... "there may be additional charges" - Full Story
June 23, 2010

Video: Naked, sweaty woman steals squad car

By PoliceOne StaffWest Texas television station WOAI-TV today reported that a woman — naked, sweaty,... - Full Story
June 02, 2010

4 NY officers subdue naked man high on PCP

Man refused to obey instructions, ran at cops and shouted, "Give it to me!" - Full Story

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