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Evidence Collection

Evidence Collection

The Police Evidence Collection topic lets investigators and cops know what’s new in fingerprint technology, legal matters, administrative challenges and more. No law enforcement officer’s case will ever hold up in court without an excellent assembly of evidence, whether that be a bloody knife or a dusty footprint.
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July 06, 2015
Common problems with using CDs/DVDs to store digital evidence

Common problems with using CDs/DVDs to store digital evidence

Evidence related and technical problems often occur when using CDs/DVDs - Full Story
June 06, 2015
Witnesses: Semi-automatic gunfire dominated biker shootout

Witnesses: Semi-automatic gunfire dominated biker shootout

Six witnesses interviewed by the AP describe a melee that began with a few pistol shots but was dominated by semi-automatic gunfire - Full Story
May 12, 2015

FBI hair analysis problems reveal limits of forensic science

Advancing technologies have put such techniques under more scrutiny, including from judges, and highlighted the limits of once-established practices - Full Story
April 04, 2015
State lacks evidence, frees man after 30 years on death row

State lacks evidence, frees man after 30 years on death row

Prosecutors on Wednesday moved to drop the case after new ballistics tests contradicted those done three decades ago - Full Story
March 14, 2015

3 key considerations for creating your agency’s retention policy

Law enforcement officials must balance the legitimate interest of openness and transparency with protecting privacy rights of both citizens and officers - Full Story
February 24, 2015

Hundreds of DNA matches as Houston clears rape kit backlog

Evidence from more than 6,600 rape kits that went untested for years have turned up 850 hits in the FBI's nationwide database of DNA profiles - Full Story
January 02, 2015

Instagram becomes treasure trove of evidence for Fla. cops

Recent South Florida cases stemmed from photos or video posted on Instagram, the fast-growing social media site - Full Story
December 14, 2014

Police: DNA from beard leads to burglary arrest

The burglary victim grabbed a handful of the perp's beard before he fled - Full Story
December 04, 2014

IBM's new mobile app offers police data sharing in the field

The app enables officers to validate information and compare partial observations, such as vehicle license plates - Full Story

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