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Evidence Collection

Evidence Collection

The Police Evidence Collection topic lets investigators and cops know what’s new in fingerprint technology, legal matters, administrative challenges and more. No law enforcement officer’s case will ever hold up in court without an excellent assembly of evidence, whether that be a bloody knife or a dusty footprint.
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March 22, 2014

Police keep quiet about cell-tracking technology

Police say Stingray, a suitcase-size device that pretends it's a cell tower, is useful for catching criminals, but that's about all they'll say - Full Story
March 01, 2014

New tools turn social media into evidence collection

A new technology scans sites like Twitter to act as a virtual stakeout, alerting police when possibly gang activity is occurring - Full Story
January 11, 2014
DNA links executed convict to 1984 triple murder

DNA links executed convict to 1984 triple murder

Andrew W. Six was executed in Missouri for the 1987 murder of a 12-year-old girl - Full Story
December 31, 2013

Audio: 911 call, video released of deadly Ariz. bank robbery

A caller told a dispatcher that a masked man raced into a bank, then described the shootout that followed - Full Story
December 30, 2013

Sheriff to update probe into Colo. school shooting

Arapahoe County Sheriff Grayson Robinson scheduled a news conference for Monday morning to release updated information about a shotgun attack on a suburban Denver high school - Full Story
December 30, 2013
Miss. cop killer arrested in '10 for threats to president

Miss. cop killer arrested in '10 for threats to president

Mario Edward Garnett is suspected of a three-state bank robbery spree that resulted in the death of a cop - Full Story
December 28, 2013

Key findings in newly released Newtown documents

Connecticut State Police on Friday released thousands of pages of documents from the investigation into the Sandy Hook shooting - Full Story
December 24, 2013

Laptop leads Minn. police to suspect in campus robbery

The student used his Mac laptop's tracking features and discovered the computer "pinging" from a house in north Minneapolis - Full Story
December 19, 2013

Doctor testifies meth use killed homeless man, not Calif. police

Two officers were charged with the death of a mentally ill homeless man in a violent arrest in 2011 - Full Story
December 02, 2013
Mo. police search home in probe of NFL stadium death

Mo. police search home in probe of NFL stadium death

Detectives received information that evidence related to the man's death is at a home in Independence - Full Story

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