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Evidence Collection

Evidence Collection

The Police Evidence Collection topic lets investigators and cops know what’s new in fingerprint technology, legal matters, administrative challenges and more. No law enforcement officer’s case will ever hold up in court without an excellent assembly of evidence, whether that be a bloody knife or a dusty footprint.
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Police: Suspects stopped for a snack before robbing McDonald's; DNA evidence cracks case

The Associated Press SUFFOLK, Va.- Men who stopped for a snack before they robbed a fast-food restaurant... - Full Story


Drug Conviction Thrown Out in Indianapolis Because Strip Search Filmed

The Associated Press INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - An appeals court threw out a man's cocaine conviction because... - Full Story


Learn to Read Product DNA

In our continued effort to bring you the most comprehensive coverage in the field of law enforcement... - Full Story


Albuquerque, NM Police Chief Resigns Amid Evidence Scandal

by Peter Barnes The Associated Press ALBUQUERQUE, NM - The police chief resigned abruptly Wednesday amid... - Full Story


Crime scene investigation Lt. Raymond E. Foster, LAPD (ret.) - Leadership, Technology and Tactics: Themes from the Street

Crime scene investigation

It's a given that criminals such as arsonists and serial murderers often return to the scene of the crime -- ... - Full Story


Investigative Stops Quiz: When Does a K-9 Sniff Implicate a Suspect's 4th Amendment Rights?

Question:Does a dog sniff implicate a person’s Fourth Amendment rights? Answer:By itself, a dog sniff... - Full Story Secure - Login Required


Lifting Prints Off Cold Surfaces

Say for instance, It's winter, Brrr! Your department recovers an automobile used in a commission of a... - Full Story Secure - Login Required


Valuable Instructions for Lifting Prints from Vinyl Pool Liners

Follow these instructions to successfully lift prints from a vinyl pool cover: Aquire some Pentel... - Full Story Secure - Login Required


Lifting prints on vinyl pool liners.

1. Aquire some Pentel roller glue from your local office supply.2. Once you have developed the print,... - Full Story Secure - Login Required


Ace type locks defeated by a Bic pen

Ace type locks (like those found on vending machines, bike locks,etc....)are being opened/bypassed by... - Full Story Secure - Login Required

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