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Evidence Collection

Evidence Collection

The Police Evidence Collection topic lets investigators and cops know what’s new in fingerprint technology, legal matters, administrative challenges and more. No law enforcement officer’s case will ever hold up in court without an excellent assembly of evidence, whether that be a bloody knife or a dusty footprint.
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Conn. panel orders release of Newtown 911 tapes

The recordings will not be made available immediately as the decision will be appealed in Superior Court - Full Story


Video released of man who posted wife's corpse on Facebook

Surveillance video shows Derek Medina approaching his wife moments before she is killed.


Are cell phone searches the new breathalyzer? Val Van Brocklin - Cop Gumbo

Are cell phone searches the new breathalyzer?

Texting while driving is difficult to prove — should implied consent laws be applied to cell phone searches? - Full Story


L3 Mobile Vision's auto evidence management

L3 explains its automated evidence lifecycle management at IACP 2012. Any network connected device can manage video, audio, etc. files to organize critical evidence. L3 engineers to the needs of the end users, for any sized fleet.


Ind. police use new technology to improve video quality

The software allows detectives to not only easily capture video from surveillance cameras anywhere but also make it clear - Full Story


Arrest made in 1999 Iowa cold case murder

Police have not said what led to a breakthrough in the case, and will not disclose any more information - Full Story


Texas police add body cameras to gear

Texas police add body cameras to gear

Fort Worth police are using seized money to purchase the body cameras for their force - Full Story


Coban Tecnologies Discusses Edge HD at IACP 2012

Coban Technologies discusses the details of the EDGE HD system, for better quality video, and its importance in providing vital evidence for LEOs.


Office of Justice Programs Diagnostic Center 'E21' Denise Schlegel - Secrets to Getting Police Grants

Office of Justice Programs Diagnostic Center 'E21'

Most of you should be aware of the CrimeSOLUTIONS.gov which provides resources which helps law enforcement to de... - Full Story


Boston police eye unsolved cases after detective 'dropped ball'

Detectives failed to arrest a "person of interest" in the murder of Amy Lord; causing police to re-examine past files

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