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HR218 Explained - 02/04/2009
HR218 Explained

LEOSA allows any law enforcement officer with powers of arrest, who is authorized to carry a weapon on duty (whether or not the officer actually carries a weapon), and meets certain standards.

“Other person” encounters - 01/29/2009
“Other person” encounters

When an officer suspects an individual of a crime or arrests an individual for a crime in progress, the person may not be alone—the officer must then balance his focus on the primary suspect ...

BART shooting raises issue of TASER confusion - 01/14/2009
BART shooting raises issue of TASER confusion

One of the possible scenarios expressed by those who have observed the video of the New Year’s Day shooting on Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) in Oakland, Calif. is that the officer intended to ...

Zen and the gunfighter - 01/07/2009
Zen and the gunfighter

One definition of Zen is “this moment in time.” There is no past, no future, only now. The universe is just that striation cut into the front sight and the rearward pressure on the trigger. The ...

What Makes a Hero? - 01/06/2009
What Makes a Hero?

What makes a hero? I found myself contemplating that question as my agency struggled to come to terms with the sudden death of one of my own officers.

To see and not be seen? Priceless… - 01/05/2009
To see and not be seen? Priceless…

It is time to realize that because technology exists that allows us to see and yet remain unseen, the “cover of darkness” has new, tactically significant meaning.

Developing informal informants - 01/04/2009
Developing informal informants

In the Street Survival Seminar I often pick on one of the younger “rookie” officers by asking this question: “How many informants do you have?”

Tactical planning for every officer - 12/26/2008
Tactical planning for every officer

You might think that tactics are for the special elite forces as regular officers do not have the training or the time to devote to the planning and maneuvering process required. Right? …WRONG.

Retired officer helps cops and firefighters in business - 12/23/2008
Retired officer helps cops and firefighters in business

With the motto “Do business with someone you can trust,” Cops and Firefighters in Business (CFB) is connecting public safety officials with businesses owned and operated by law enforcement officers ...

Where did all the bullets go? - 12/17/2008
Where did all the bullets go?

Experience is something you get right after you need it. The difference between the 100 percent hit-rate on the training range and the 13 percent gunfight hit-rate can be boiled down to one easy ...

Hojutsu-Ryu, the martial art of shooting - 12/10/2008
Hojutsu-Ryu, the martial art of shooting

At first glance, the concept of shooting as a “traditional” martial art seems ridiculous. After all, martial arts are steeped in centuries of tradition, mysticism, and superhuman feats of skill; ...

Seeing night vision technology in a new light - 12/03/2008
Seeing night vision technology in a new light

Once supplied only to an agency’s SWAT team or limited to a handful detectives conducting extended nighttime surveillance, night vision equipment is making its way into the trunks of hundreds ...

Working with your airborne law enforcement partners - 11/26/2008
Working with your airborne law enforcement partners

The missions for which airborne police can provide patrol officers an added advantage are many and varied, such as searches, pursuits, photo recon, and emergency transport.

EVOC training best practices - 11/19/2008
EVOC training best practices

Several months ago I was supervising a pursuit course. I looked out and saw a challenging course that tested the student’s ability to drive. What troubled me was what I did not see. I didn’t ...

Leading from the front - 11/12/2008
Leading from the front

Rob Hall, Chief of Police for La Crosse (Va.) PD, recently recounted an incident that took place in that trailer court involving the aforementioned officer ...and how it provided a “teaching moment.”


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