Video: Dash cam captures tanker explosion

Driver called the cops after suspicious vapors came from the vehicle

By PoliceOne Staff

SAWYER, Mich. — Flames and shards of metal are seen flying from a tanker truck explosion that was captured on dash cam.

The driver of the tanker was stopped at a motel in Michigan when he noticed vapors coming from the truck and called the police, who arrived at the scene and immediately evacuated motel employees.

Moments later, the vehicle, which was carrying sodium hydroxide — a highly corrosive substance — exploded.

"The tank was not properly venting itself," Chikaming Township Fire Chief Mike Davidson told local news station WNDU. "With all the pressure it built up, it finally exploded."

One firefighter was treated for minor chemical burns to his face, but has since recovered. No other serious injuries have been reported.

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