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Explosives - EOD

Explosives - EOD

The Explosives / EOD topic helps law enforcement and bomb techs keep up on the latest developments in techniques, tactics, and technology to disarm and defend against these threats.
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March 26, 2013

CO chief's killer had bomb-making materials

Bomb-making materials and pants that appeared to have blood on them were found in Evan Spencer Ebel's black Cadillac - Full Story
March 20, 2013

Video shows officers finding UCF plotter's body in dorm

Video shows the officers check each room in the suite until they find the alleged plotter's body - Full Story
February 06, 2013

FBI: Ala. captor rigged bunker, waged 'firefight'

The latest revelations suggest authorities were dealing with an abductor fully prepared for more violence - Full Story
January 29, 2013

Man charged with fake bomb threat at Liberty Bell

An officer at an entrance security check told police that a man stated his two backpacks contained explosives - Full Story
January 24, 2013

Bomb-plot defense questions FBI report's accuracy

An earlier assessment of the suspect has given ammunition to both prosecution and defense attorneys in an Oregon terrorism trial - Full Story
January 21, 2013

Man asks JFK authorities: Help me find my bomb

Frustrated with authorities after he lost his luggage, a man told them there was a bomb in it - Full Story
January 10, 2013
Police: NYC man planned to 'blow up' park arch

Police: NYC man planned to 'blow up' park arch

Witnesses told investigators they saw the suspect sprinkle a white powder in the park and then ignite it - Full Story
January 07, 2013

Sheriff: Ala. teen's plot to bomb classmates foiled

The sheriff said the devices were just "a step or two away from being ready to explode" - Full Story
January 07, 2013
San Francisco police: Man set fire to girlfriend

San Francisco police: Man set fire to girlfriend

Police are looking for the man suspected of throwing a flammable liquid at his girlfriend and setting her on fire Sunday - Full Story
January 06, 2013

Trial set for Christmas tree-lighting bomb plot

At the trial that begins Thursday, the suspect's attorneys will attempt to present him as impressionable teenager lured by undercover agents with the FBI - Full Story

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