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Explosives - EOD

Explosives - EOD

The Explosives / EOD topic helps law enforcement and bomb techs keep up on the latest developments in techniques, tactics, and technology to disarm and defend against these threats.
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December 05, 2011

NYC cops skim for bombs using drone submarines

The New York Police Department's Harbor Unit is relying more on unmanned submarine drones to detect explosives, narcotics - Full Story
November 08, 2011

Calif. man convicted in booby trap police attacks

Natural gas rerouted to the office of a gang task force was rigged to explode - Full Story
November 02, 2011

Woman gets 10 years for Calif. court bombing

Authorities say woman's boyfriend convinced her to place the bomb - Full Story
September 22, 2011

La. police: School bomb threat was robbery diversion

The plan failed after police quickly traced the call to a payphone outside a gas station - Full Story
September 22, 2011

ATF: Car bomb behind Mich. blast that injured 3

Investigators are trying to determine is whether one of the victims was targeted or whether the attack was random - Full Story
September 14, 2011

Police detonate 8 explosives found in Calif. home

Authorities evacuated an entire neighborhood block Tuesday afternoon - Full Story
September 07, 2011

Cops: Caller threatened to bomb Tenn. mosque

An unidentified person made the threat Monday in a voicemail - Full Story
September 05, 2011

Explosives stolen as cops train at airport

A container of explosives was stolen as police conducted a training exercise at Sky Harbor International Airport - Full Story
August 24, 2011

Police arrest man with Jeep full of explosives

Officials say a large amount of fireworks were found inside the vehicle - Full Story
August 17, 2011

Fla. student arrested in school bomb plot

On Tuesday evening, police found a journal and materials to make pipe bombs - Full Story

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