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Company accused of smuggling realistic police badges into US

It's illegal under US federal law to make, sell or have imitations of badges used by federal law enforcement agencies - Full Story


FBI to collect more data on police shootings, use of force

The director said the agency will collect and make public more information in use of force situations - Full Story


Feds investigate friend of SC church shooter

He is under investigation for lying to police, knowing about a crime before or after it was committed and not reporting it - Full Story


FBI investigates after international flight diverted

The pilot diverted the plane to Denver after declaring an emergency - Full Story


Police History: The creation and evolution of the FBI Karen L. Bune - Criminals, Victims, and Cops

Police History: The creation and evolution of the FBI

Over time, the priorities of the agency have changed depending on the threats facing the nation and the concerns of the American people from land fraud in the early days to counterterrorism today - Full Story


Cheating site logged federal subscribers with sensitive jobs

U.S. Government employees including law enforcement were found to have subscribed to cheating website - Full Story


FBI joins probe in 'cheating' website data leak

Website boasted that 'thousands of cheating wives and cheating husbands sign up every day looking for an affair' - Full Story