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Federal Law Enforcement

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Federal Law Enforcement

Federal Law Enforcement

The Federal Law Enforcement topic area addresses all crime-fighting agencies at the national and federal level - FBI, DEA, CBP, or DHS. This section will provide you with the latest news, information and developments across the country and in Washington.
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FBI director: Conn. city is model for police-community relations

Comey said law enforcers and the communities they serve have been growing more distant - Full Story


Feds nab sex traffickers in SD: 'catching awful lot of them'

In recent years, the feds have pursued about 50 sex trafficking cases, three resulting in life sentences - Full Story


Sexting arrest latest embarrassment for Secret Service

This arrest brings new scrutiny to a federal agency already reeling from a series of scandals stretching back to 2012 - Full Story


Police History: How the mission of the United States Secret Service has grown Karen L. Bune - Criminals, Victims, and Cops

Police History: How the mission of the United States Secret Service has grown

The United States Secret Service (USSS) is one of the oldest federal law enforcement agencies in the country and is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year - Full Story


Clinton wants to make gun control a 'voting issue'

She's determined to push measures that would expand background checks - Full Story


17 seconds of terror in 2012 gov't office shooting

Homeland Security Department missed clear warning signs of a disgruntled federal agent's descent toward violence - Full Story


Obama: Police are scapegoated for society's failings

In excerpts of Obama's prepared remarks for IACP 2015, the president defends police officers - Full Story


White House threatens to veto 'sanctuary cities' bill

The bill would punish jurisdictions that prohibit the collection of immigration information or don't cooperate - Full Story


Police History: The creation and evolution of the FBI

Police History: The creation and evolution of the FBI

Over time, the priorities of the agency have changed depending on the threats facing the nation and the concerns of the American people from land fraud in the early days to counterterrorism today. - Full Story


Former police officer charged after explosion at federal lab

Officer has been charged with attempting to make methamphetamine - Full Story

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