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January 29, 2015

Video: Scuffle breaks out during Mo. police review board hearing

When officers began to testify against a proposed civilian police oversight board in St. Louis, some in the audience began yelling, pushing and shoving - Full Story
January 26, 2015

After Ferguson, police consider 'tactical retreat' instead of force

Chiefs of the St. Louis and St. Louis County police have said in recent interviews they are reviewing training with the principles of tactical retreat in mind - Full Story
January 23, 2015

Source: FBI completes federal probe of Ferguson shooting

Officials and experts have said a prosecution would be highly unlikely - Full Story
January 15, 2015

Police protesters snarl morning commute in DC

Several dozen protesters hindered the morning commute for some Thursday as they marched in the streets of Washington - Full Story
January 10, 2015
Mo. leaders pressured Ferguson for chief's resignation

Mo. leaders pressured Ferguson for chief's resignation

Top state officials had several meetings where they applied pressure on the city to force Jackson to resign - Full Story
January 07, 2015

Video: Ore. protesters disrupt Navy vet's medal ceremony

More than 100 anti-police protesters crashed a medal presentation honoring a 100-year-old Navy vet Saturday - Full Story
December 30, 2014

Berkeley mayor to discuss Mo. police shooting probe

Police have said surveillance footage seems to confirm that Martin pointed a gun at the officer before he was shot - Full Story
December 28, 2014
Protester in St. Louis area charged with arson

Protester in St. Louis area charged with arson

A protester who advocated for peaceful demonstrations in Ferguson was charged Saturday with setting fire to a convenience store - Full Story
December 26, 2014

Cost for Ferguson security tops $12.5M

State budget director Linda Luebbering on Wednesday released updated cost estimates for the Missouri National Guard and State Highway Patrol's work - Full Story
December 25, 2014
More protests sparked after shooting in Mo.

More protests sparked after shooting in Mo.

Demonstrators took to the streets for a second night after an officer killed a suspect who police said pointed a gun - Full Story

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