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SHOT Show 2014: StressVest offers firearms training without projectiles Loraine Burger - Perspectives on Policing

SHOT Show 2014: StressVest offers firearms training without projectiles

This lightweight vest and belt set administers a pulsing shock to a person’s stomach when ‘shot’ by a corresponding laser gun - Full Story


Rifle lights for law enforcement use

Rifle lights for law enforcement use

The vast majority of police rifle training takes place in daylight conditions, but the wolves we hunt are often more active as the light fades to nighttime. - Full Story


Gunfight training: Competition and the test of self

Gunfight training: Competition and the test of self

One of the surest ways I know to test myself is competitive shooting — especially in world-class events like the USPSA Handgun Nationals. - Full Story


Training Women (POSA) Secure - Login Required

Lt. Yalena Pawella, formally of the Moscow Police Force, discusses the differences of, and the various techniques for training women in law enforcement.
Training Women (POSA)


Win this Reactive Steel Target - Demonstration by Chris Chen

Challenge Targets new multifunctional, reactive steel target demonstration. Now you can make any cardboard target reactive by adding a steel plate behind the desired training zone. The target can be configured so it falls over when shot a designated number of times. Train to shoot center mass, head or pelvic zones. Great for body armor drills. Price as shown in video is only $198. Enter our facebook sweepstakes for a chance to win this target (drawing February 14, 2013): https://apps.facebook.com/primesocial/challenge_targets/. For additional product information visit: http://www.challengetargets.com/Multifunctional_Targets/PS-HD-TH-8-H.asp.


Active Shooter Training

Review of Challenge Targets realistic moving target system. Economy Hostage Target (personal use) $199 Extreme Hostage Target (department use) $435 Newsletter Sign-up Form : Promotion discounts


Challenge Targets | Unique Shooting Targets for Firearm Training

Portable target systems starting at just $399. Visit: www.challengetargets.com.

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