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Good Samaritan

Good Samaritan

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Good Samaritan saves Ind. officer from burning car

The man came to the aid of the officer after a serious collision - Full Story


11-year-old Conn. girl praised for sketch that led to burglar's arrest

After a string of burglaries cropped up in Rebecca DePietro's neighborhood, she drew a sketch of the suspect that led police to his arrest.


Reality Training: Surviving a sudden shooting at a traffic stop

Dave Smith reviews footage of a sudden attack on a Texas deputy during a traffic stop in order to provide key tips on survival and catching the perpetrator.


Bystanders help Fla. deputy beaten during traffic stop

The deputy was knocked to the ground and suspect straddled him, throwing punch after punch to the deputy's face - Full Story


Rapid Response: Civilians take down a cop killer (and what it says about Americans) Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Editor in Chief - Be Advised...

Rapid Response: Civilians take down a cop killer (and what it says about Americans)

Cops are rightly filled with anger and sadness about yet another ambush attack on a LEO, but one element to this story can be held up and praised: the actions of ordinary citizens who rushed to his aid - Full Story


Man who tackled La. cop killer says he's no hero

The department honored Robert Ledoux for his brave actions in taking down gunman - Full Story


Seattle police seek 'good Samaritan' who touched evidence after murder

Police are seeking man that picked up bullet casings for investigations in order to rule him out as suspect - Full Story

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