Health - Physical and Mental Fitness

Health - Physical and Mental Fitness

The Police Health - Physical and Mental Fitness topic provides cops with videos, training drills and expert advice to help ensure the officer’s head is straight and body is strong. Complete physical and psychological fitness - through regular trips to the gym, five-mile runs, and conversations with the police psychologist - is critical for an officer to perform the job to maximum potential.
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March 15, 2012

UK cops who fail fitness tests face pay cuts

Those who fail the test three times should be subject to disciplinary procedures and a pay cut - Full Story
March 12, 2012

Lawyer: Meds caused Va. cop to stab firefighters

Lawyer said medication Bradley Colas took to treat a respiratory infection made him hear voices - Full Story
February 25, 2012

Police officers rank among most sleep-deprived occupations in US

Survey lists most tiring and most rested professions - Full Story
February 24, 2012

Calif. cop with PTSD fights to get job back

John Stankewicz, 43, says the department did not consider the stress he was under last year when his performance suffered - Full Story
February 14, 2012

Cop's death 4th NYPD suicide in less than a month

Flags at the 115th Precinct station were lowered to half-staff as fellow officers were told the tragic news - Full Story
February 14, 2012

CSP: 3 cadets hospitalized after training

Three Colorado State Patrol cadets exhibited potentially troubling symptoms as they completed a January training exercise - Full Story
February 13, 2012

Officers' fatal shootings rare but haunting

That moment of confrontation is extraordinarily rare, but when it does come, the emotional toll can last a lifetime - Full Story
February 07, 2012
NYPD cop shot in head: Giants' win was good medicine

NYPD cop shot in head: Giants' win was good medicine

Officer Kevin Brennan, 29, recovered as suspect Luis "Baby" Ortiz skipped his own indictment hearing - Full Story
February 07, 2012

SC cop who lost his leg tries out for SWAT

A Spartanburg Public Safety Officer who lost a leg in a crash passed a fitness test and may soon rejoin the SWAT team - Full Story
February 06, 2012

NYPD brass: Cops should seek psychological help

Recent suicides have encouraged efforts to get police officers to seek help for psychological problems - Full Story

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