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Health - Physical and Mental Fitness

Health - Physical and Mental Fitness

The Police Health - Physical and Mental Fitness topic provides cops with videos, training drills and expert advice to help ensure the officer’s head is straight and body is strong. Complete physical and psychological fitness - through regular trips to the gym, five-mile runs, and conversations with the police psychologist - is critical for an officer to perform the job to maximum potential.
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January 17, 2011

Video: Recruit's death called into question

"Whatever the police knew, they apparently did not tell the city manager" - Full Story
January 11, 2011

N.J. moves to curb steroid use by police, firefighters

Competitiveness, department focus on physical fitness seen as major reasons why police and firefighters might use steroids - Full Story
January 03, 2011

Pa. cop may finally get health coverage

Second injury was ruled unrelated to police work so he was denied benefits, including coverage for his wife and kids - Full Story
December 21, 2010
Scaled-back health bill for 9/11 responders passes

Scaled-back health bill for 9/11 responders passes

"Just like veterans, they volunteered and risked their lives for us at a time of war," NY Senator Charles Schumer said - Full Story
December 16, 2010

Ariz. university cop dies of on-duty heart attack

Officer Lister had served in law enforcement for over 30 years - Full Story
November 26, 2010

Ill. officer suffers fatal heart failure following 'brutal beating'

Dwayne Parks reportedly died of a heart attack just blocks from his home - Full Story
July 13, 2010

Providing personal backup

By PoliceOne StaffThe bond between law enforcement officers is undoubtedly one of the strongest of any... - Full Story
July 07, 2010

NYPD cop disobeys orders, saves his Sgt.

En route to a call code 3, Sgt. Kersellius felt excruciating pain in the front of her head and the back of her neck - Full Story
May 26, 2010

Help coming for sick 9/11 responders?

A House panel has approved a $5.1 billion program to provide health care to the thousands of 9/11 first responders - Full Story
May 11, 2010

Philadelphia Sgt. lied about being shot

Cop who had intentionally shot himself sparked a massive manhunt - Full Story

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