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Health - Physical and Mental Fitness

Health - Physical and Mental Fitness

The Police Health - Physical and Mental Fitness topic provides cops with videos, training drills and expert advice to help ensure the officer’s head is straight and body is strong. Complete physical and psychological fitness - through regular trips to the gym, five-mile runs, and conversations with the police psychologist - is critical for an officer to perform the job to maximum potential.
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District struggles to come to terms with officer's suicide

By Trymaine Lee, Staff writer Copyright 2005 The Times-Picayune Publishing Company It's not the way a... - Full Story


Conn. chief speaks out about cop murder/suicide

compiled by Paul Stern stern@courant.com Copyright 2005 The Hartford Courant Company Hartford Courant... - Full Story


Training like the pros Mike Macro - Fit for Duty

Training like the pros

Due to the physical restraints of our work schedules and extra curricular activities (having a life), ma... - Full Story


The effect of training on the effects of stress The Police Officers Safety Association (POSA) - Free Video Training Programs for Law Enforcement

The effect of training on the effects of stress

By Ralph Mroz There has been a great deal written during the last 25 years about the effects of stre... - Full Story


New Orleans police struggling professionally, personally

By Lee Hill Kavanaugh Knight Ridder Newspapers NEW ORLEANS - Two months after Hurricane Katrina, the... - Full Story


Secrets for running Mike Macro - Fit for Duty

Secrets for running

By Mike Macro As in any vocation or enterprise there are quicker ways to accomplish the given task. F... - Full Story


Scott Buhrmaster - Topics & Tactics for Law Enforcement

"Tangential trauma" & the Katrina Crisis

5 tips for protecting yourself so you can continue to protect others A PoliceOne Special Report by S... - Full Story


Disaster strikes psyches of victims, rescuers and a transfixed nation

By MALCOLM RITTER AP Science Writer In Houston, a stressed-out mother sits on a cot in the middle of... - Full Story


Chaos of Katrina drives police officer to suicide

By CAIN BURDEAU Associated Press Writer NEW ORLEANS- Life wasn't supposed to end this way for Sgt. Paul... - Full Story


Test: What makes a good cop? Dr. Dorothy McCoy - Maintaining Your Mental Edge

Test: What makes a good cop?

"I've gone into hundreds of fortune-teller's parlors, and have been told thousands of things, but no... - Full Story

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