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Police TASER knife-wielding man at Whole Foods

Portland police were forced to repeatedly use a TASER on a man known to suffer from mental illness after he was caught shoplifting and grabbing knives from a display rack at a Whole Foods grocery store on Friday.


How to care for the warrior within Duane Wolfe - The Warrior's Path

How to care for the warrior within

Many fail to recognize the wisdom of the ancient warrior cultures —we must maintain ourselves as warriors by attending to our emotional and mental health - Full Story


Beating death to death Duane Wolfe - The Warrior's Path

Beating death to death

My dad was recently diagnosed with cancer. Because of his age he will not be able to withstand the us... - Full Story


Police wellness program

Captain Brian Nanavaty of Indianapolis PD discusses the Police Wellness Program his department has implemented to help officers suffering from a variety of issues ranging from professional, neurological, personal, addiction or health problems.


Man charges Seattle police with knife, gets shot

KOMO News obtained dash cam video of a June confrontation between Seattle police and a knife-wielding man with a history of mental illness.


Woman attacks NC cop with scissors, steals squad

The woman crashed into several vehicles in the cruiser before she was stopped and taken to be evaluated for mental illness.


Health care behind bars

Any given day, more than 1300 inmates are behind bars at Mobile, Alabama's Metro Jail. Many prisoners come with health problems, from mental illness and high blood pressure to the common cold.
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Simulator trains Md. police for scenarios with mentally ill

Mindstorm is a virtual simulation that allows people to experience the hallucinations some schizophrenics face.


Off-duty cop fatally shoots man outside cop's home

A man with mental issues called 911 and told dispatchers he planned to kill someone before arriving at the cop's home.


The Bulletproof Mind

Lt. Col. Dave Grossman talks about the amazing resilience of the human mind and the importance of keeping your mind, body, and spirit in top working condition.

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