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Pa. cop risks life to save other cop, awarded at IACP Secure - Login Required

Trooper Timothy Strohmeyer diverted attention away from an officer in danger and was fired upon 8 times.


Fla. cop catches shoplifter, buys her groceries Secure - Login Required

A single mom struggling to feed her family was caught shoplifting at a Miami grocery store in September, but the responding officer decided to help her buy purchasing groceries for her.


Texas officer pays for couple's dinner tab Secure - Login Required

A couple dining at a local restaurant were treated to a surprise act of kindness after accidentally leaving their charge card at home — an officer paid for their meal.


Calif. cop saves abandoned dog in labor with 9 puppies Secure - Login Required

The officer out the distressed dog in her vehicle and rushed her to the vet.


Fencing coach in gear foils robbery attempt Secure - Login Required

He realized he had to react to the robbery and charged at the suspects with his épée.


Calif. cop rescues woman from burning car Secure - Login Required

Officer Armando Rodriguez assured the woman she would be okay as he got her out of the flaming vehicle.


Okla. cop buys bike for robbery victim with autism Secure - Login Required

A Nicoma police officer collected money from his department and a car dealership where he works a second job to purchase a new bike for a boy who had his bike stolen last week.


Thousands gather to remember slain Ind. officer Secure - Login Required

Officer Rod Bradway was a father, firefighter, husband, and great friend, who died saving a woman and her baby


NYPD cops stop suicidal bridge jumper Secure - Login Required

Officers climbed out to the beam where the man sat and reasoned with him.


Officer saves mother and child at Kenya mall Secure - Login Required

Amazing footage of a police officer saving a mother and child during the Kenya mall attack.