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ICOP at IACP 2011

At IACP 2011, ICOP overviews their offerings, which include a wireless microphone and cameras to enhance officer safety.


Elbeco at IACP 2011

Known for their innovative and well-fitting uniforms, Elbeco is launching an exterior vest carrier this year.


Patriot3 at IACP 2011

Betsy Brantner-Smith reviews the Patriot 3 XPS-G2 ballistic shield.


Driving Force at IACP 2011

A three-screen driving simulator provides training experience for new or experienced officers in a variety of scenarios.


Priority Dispatch at IACP 2011

Dave Smith checks out Priority Dispatch at IACP 2011.


Kustom Signals at IACP 2011

Dave Smith and Kent Hayes from Kustom Signals talk about the Pro Laser 4, a smaller, lighter, faster laser with three ways to power it on the go.


Digital Ally at IACP 2011

Ken McCoy of Digital Ally talks about their in-car video systems, which designed specifically for departments unable to afford video systems that cost thousands.


WatchGuard at IACP 2011

WatchGuard shows off products at IACP 2011.


Datalux at IACP 2011

Dave Smith speaks with Scott Dunklee from Datalux at IACP 2011 about their unique ergonomically correct mobile computers.

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