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December 13, 2011

Priority Dispatch at IACP 2011

Priority Dispatch at IACP 2011
November 28, 2011

Point Blank Body Armor at IACP 2011

Watch the exclusive video of Point Blank Body Armor at IACP.
November 22, 2011

Coban at IACP 2011

Dave Smith talks to reps from Coban, known for its in-car digital video systems, about the newest technology for mobile data computing.
November 08, 2011

No Games Gear at IACP 2010

The CEO of No Games Gear, a police officer and veteran trainer, talks about his lightweight ballistic undergarment that doesn't limit mobility - watch him move around to prove it.
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October 25, 2011

Digital Ally at IACP 2010

This is Digital Ally’s speed-detection product debut. It’s the lightest laser in the market and it operates on just two C batteries. Originally aired 04/2011.
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October 18, 2011

TerraHawk at IACP 2010

The top priorities of the TerraHawk M.U.S.T. are mobile response and rapid deployment. When you pull up, you put the vehicle in park, press one button, and in less than a minute the vehicle is level and stabilized. Originally aired 03/2011.
October 12, 2011

Point Blank Body Armor - IACP 2011 Preview, Booth #1404

A preview of Point Blank's body armor at IACP 2011.
October 11, 2011

Elbeco at IACP 2010

The newly redesigned line exclusively for women in Law Enforcement is full of new features that promote the active lifestyle of an officer. See what's been improved in this clip from IACP 2010.
August 09, 2011

All Traffic Solutions at IACP 2010

Scott Johnson of All Traffic Solutions breaks down his time-saving traffic safety equipment that can address the needs of any agency, however large, small, urban, or rural.

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