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November 19, 2013

Coaching program for law enforcement

Constable Bill Mikaluk of Cops Coach International talks with Law Enforcement Expert Betsy Brantner Smith about an innovative coaching program for police officers around the world.
October 09, 2013

Thorshield - Greg Williams Interview

From the ILEETA 2013 Training Conference. Betsy Branter Smith of Police One interviews Greg Williams, Partner, G Squared Consulting.
August 10, 2009

James Di Naso: ILEETA Iron Cop

James DiNaso tells PoliceOneTV's own Betsy Smith about an exciting new competition combining the use of law enforcement specific skills and abilities to measure an officer's ability to use those skills under the stress of friendly competition and cold scrutiny of the stopwatch!
May 23, 2008

Ed Nowicki: ILEETA

One of the great leaders in law enforcement training, Ed Nowicki is the Executive Director of ILEETA, the leading police training association and the author of several highly regarding books and anthologies. Ed shares his ideas about training and the role of ILEETA in today’s high risk environment.

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