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Internal Affairs

Internal Affairs

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As Ala. troopers' numbers fall, challenges grow

Between 2010 and 2015, the state of Alabama did not hire a single state trooper - Full Story


Calif. police chief highlights staffing challenges

In the past 5 years, department has faced budget cuts leading to the loss of 11 sworn positions and nearly 40 others - Full Story


Ky. officer suspended, dog removed from duty after biting girl

The girl suffered cuts to her face and was treated at a hospital - Full Story


How to properly apply 'reasonableness' in use-of-force investigations Matt Stiehm - Campus Safety

How to properly apply 'reasonableness' in use-of-force investigations

The facts — the officers’ interpretation of the facts at the scene — are what should be used as the guiding principles and points when reviewing an application of force - Full Story
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