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Reexamining the threat to the Sochi Olympic Games Scott Stewart - Tactical Intelligence

Reexamining the threat to the Sochi Olympic Games

No matter how professional, well-equipped, and committed Vilayat Dagestan is, attacking the Olympic Games will be no easy task - Full Story


International training standards improve police service K-9s PoliceOne Special Contributors - P1 First Person

International training standards improve police service K-9s

German techniques help American agencies train efficient K-9 officers - Full Story


Police vehicle flips and crushes car

Footage of a police vehicle in the Ukraine flipping and crushing a nearby car.


Ferrari replicas seized by Spanish police

Ferrari replicas were seized and later destroyed by Spanish police.


Cops help mom cat save kitten

Police aided a mother cat rescue her kitten.


Police fight riots in Belfast

Police deploy plastic bullets and water cannons against loyalist protestors, angry over the decision to stop flying the Union flag year round.


Civilians argue over confiscated material

A man and woman are infuriated when they claim not everything is given back after an officer returns their confiscated items.


Police bikes on parade

No less than 1000 Kawasaki Ninja 250R bikes have been commissioned for the Unit Rondaan Bermotosikal (Malaysian for motorcycle patrol unit), and 560 have already been delivered.


Police catch thief with face covered in blood

Suspect screams as one officer calmly arrests him, it is unknown if his wounds are self-inflicted.


Driver does donuts to escape cops

This driver looks like he's played one too many video games as he tries to flee cops.