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International Law Enforcement

International Law Enforcement

The International Law Enforcement topic provides American law enforcement with police news from around the world, focusing on the latest developments in criminal syndicates, drug cartels, organized crime, and international terrorism. It also follows significant developments and events in other countries and explores how cops in Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America enforce their laws.
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July 03, 2013

Police foil Canada Day pressure cooker bomb plot

John Stewart Nuttall, 39, and Amanda Marie Korody, 30, were arrested and charged with knowingly facilitating a terrorist activity and making or possessing an explosive device - Full Story
July 01, 2013

Suspect behind international Id theft ring brought to US

He is charged with conspiracy and other counts for his alleged role in Shadowcrew.com, an online marketplace that trafficked in stolen credit and bank card numbers and counterfeit IDs - Full Story
June 27, 2013

Video: Police combat illegal racing with net guns

Vietnamese police plan to mass produce the net guns, which have brought down several racing rings - Full Story
June 25, 2013
4 suspects arrested in slaying of DEA agent

4 suspects arrested in slaying of DEA agent

The 4 men are alleged members of a gang that specializes in robberies, officials believe the agent was not targeted - Full Story
June 24, 2013

Video: Cop frees man stuck in traffic cone

The cop can't help but laugh as he wiggles the helpless man out of the cone - Full Story
June 23, 2013

Extradition of Edward Snowden could be legal battle

A formal extradition request to bring Snowden to the United States from Hong Kong could drag through appeal courts for years and would pit Beijing against Washington - Full Story
June 21, 2013

DEA agent killed in Colombia robbery attempt

James Terry Watson, 43, was stabbed 4 times after 3 suspects pulled him out of a taxi - Full Story
June 11, 2013
Riot police arrest 6 in London protests

Riot police arrest 6 in London protests

Ahead of the protests, riot police also swooped in on a building occupied by the anti-G-8 protesters - Full Story
June 06, 2013

Video: Chief chases down suspect on first shift

The new chief constable of North Yorkshire wasted no time in making his presence felt after helping to detain a man just hours into his first shift. - Full Story
June 05, 2013

Video: Cop grabs guitar, performs with street musicians

The officer gathered a crowd instantly as he strummed and sang an Oasis tune - Full Story

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