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International Law Enforcement

International Law Enforcement

The International Law Enforcement topic provides American law enforcement with police news from around the world, focusing on the latest developments in criminal syndicates, drug cartels, organized crime, and international terrorism. It also follows significant developments and events in other countries and explores how cops in Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America enforce their laws.
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March 26, 2008

Mexican cop-killers smuggling guns from U.S.

CNN Watch BLUtube footage Tijuana dealers vs. police JUAREZ, Mexico — A deadly trade is occurring... - Full Story
March 20, 2008

South Korean police arrest suspected U.S. cop killer

The Associated Press SEOUL, South Korea — South Korean police said Wednesday they had arrested... - Full Story
March 16, 2008

36 bodies found in Mexican backyard

By The Associated Press MEXICO CITY — Mexican officials said Saturday that 36 bodies were found... - Full Story
March 04, 2008

54 Muslim brotherhood members arrested

By The Associated Press CAIRO, Egypt — Police arrested 54 members of Egypt's largest opposition... - Full Story
February 21, 2008

Serb protesters attack U.S. Embassy

The Associated Press BELGRADE, Serbia — Serb rioters broke into the U.S. Embassy Thursday and set... - Full Story
February 11, 2008

Swiss robbers steal $160M in art from gallery

By Ernst E. Abegg Associated Press Writer ZURICH, Switzerland — Three armed men in ski masks stole... - Full Story
February 06, 2008

Mexico cracks down on police corruption

By Chris Hawley and Sergio Solache THE USA TODAY MEXICO CITY — Mexico's federal government and... - Full Story
January 14, 2008

Bacon gift to Muslim officer forces resignation

BY DUNCAN ROBERTSON AND COLIN FERNANDEZ DAILY MAIL (London) LONDON — A Muslim police officer given... - Full Story
January 12, 2008

Netherlands 'priest' with 7.7 pounds of cocaine arrested

By The Associated Press AMSTERDAM, Netherlands — A man claiming to be a Catholic priest was arrested... - Full Story
January 11, 2008

2 Federal agents fatally shot in Central Mexico

By The Associated Press MEXICO CITY, Mexico — Gunmen shot dead two federal agents and a civilian... - Full Story

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