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International Law Enforcement

International Law Enforcement

The International Law Enforcement topic provides American law enforcement with police news from around the world, focusing on the latest developments in criminal syndicates, drug cartels, organized crime, and international terrorism. It also follows significant developments and events in other countries and explores how cops in Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America enforce their laws.
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February 15, 2006

Mexico soon to begin extraditing top drug suspects to U.S.

By E. EDUARDO CASTILLO Associated Press Writer MEXICO CITY- Mexican President Vicente Fox said Monday... - Full Story
February 01, 2006

Mexico's Supreme Court makes U.S. extradition one step closer

The Associated Press MEXICO CITY- Mexico's Supreme Court on Tuesday removed another stumbling block to... - Full Story
January 25, 2006

Murder suspect caught in Mexico to be first test of new extradition rules

The Associated Press LOS ANGELES- A man convicted of shooting his ex-wife and suspected of killing her... - Full Story
January 15, 2006

Mexican criminals smuggling guns from U.S.

By DAVE MONTGOMERY Star-Telegram Washington Bureau -- Federal investigators say it's a simple matter... - Full Story
January 06, 2006

Mexico considers trying U.S. border agent for illegal's killing

Hector Tobar, Times Staff Writer MEXICO CITY Copyright 2006 Los Angeles Times All Rights Reserved Mexican... - Full Story
December 13, 2005

Riots spur new Australian police powers

The Associated Press SYDNEY, Australia- Police in Sydney will be given tough new powers to crack down... - Full Story
December 06, 2005

Two female suicide bombers kill at least 27 Iraqi police

By SAMEER N. YACOUB Associated Press Writer BAGHDAD, Iraq- Two women strapped with explosives blew themselves... - Full Story
November 25, 2005

Shootout inside Mexico City police station leaves commander dead

MEXICO CITY - A shootout among detectives in a police station near Mexico City on Thursday left a commander... - Full Story
November 08, 2005

Police in Australia arrest 15 terror suspects, say they foiled attack

The Associated Press SYDNEY, Australia- Police in Australia arrested 15 terror suspects in a string of... - Full Story
September 05, 2005

Southern Africa is a growing terrorist hideout, potential al-Qaida base

By ALEXANDRA ZAVIS Associated Press Writer JOHANNESBURG, South Africa - One terror suspect sold Islamic... - Full Story

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