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Police search for Calif. therapist possibly being held for ransom

Authorities were notified by Denise Huskins' boyfriend that she had been abducted Monday from his home in Mare Island in Vallejo.


Father: Calif. woman reported kidnapped dropped off at mom's home

Denise Huskins' boyfriend told police she was abducted Monday from the Vallejo home they share - Full Story


Video: 12 Idaho cops cleared in freeway shootout, body cam released

Several officers said they saw rounds striking near them and heard them whizzing by - Full Story


Ferguson lessons: A model of police, fire, and EMS teamwork Richard Fairburn - Law Enforcement Firearms

Ferguson lessons: A model of police, fire, and EMS teamwork

If rioting involves businesses being looted and burned, our brothers and sisters in the big red trucks will be summoned — and any FD or EMS response in the hot zone will require a dedicated police presence to protect the responders - Full Story


Infographic: How the Internet of Everything in Public Safety and Justice improves police data

How people, data, processes and things help public safety increase operational efficiency - Full Story
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