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Setting up the interrogation: 5 accusation techniques for investigators John Bowden - On Language, Communication, and Leadership

Setting up the interrogation: 5 accusation techniques for investigators

This important phase of the investigation is not the presentation of evidence — it is where we advise the subject that we know (without a doubt) that they committed the crime - Full Story


FBI will begin recording interviews in policy reversal

New Justice Department directive that reverses long-standing policy - Full Story


Reality Training: Interviewing George Zimmerman’s girlfriend PoliceOne Staff - Reality Training: Roll Call Video Review

Reality Training: Interviewing George Zimmerman’s girlfriend

Recently leaked video of the interview of Samantha Scheibe by the Seminole County (Fla.) Sheriff’s Office prompts an opportunity for discussion about interviews with victims of suspected criminal activity - Full Story


Interviewing Techniques for the Patrol Officer

Dave Smith talks with gang expert and investigator Domenic Cappellutti about some interview techniques that patrol officers can use to get important information from suspects.


Interviewing for Patrol Officers

Det. Domenic Cappelluti talks with Dave Smith about how patrol officers can apply interrogation techniques to their daily work out on the streets.


FTR Interrogator Digital Recording Solution for Police Interview Rooms

Short video that highlights the FTR Interrogator product for recording police interviews. Learn about the key features, capabilities and benefits!


Wayne Hoover: New Methods of Interrogation

One of America's top interview and interrogation specialists talks to PoliceOneTV's Betsy Smith about non-confrontational interrogation methods. This open-ended technique can often lead to more fruitful interviews for a law enforcement officer and could be a great tool to add to your arsenal.

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