Video: Fatal police shooting video at center of lawsuit

Victim’s wife will use video to try to prove officers were not threatened during a traffic stop incident that led to a shooting

By PoliceOne Staff

FERNDALE, Mich. — Dash cam video will be at the center of a lawsuit against the Ferndale Police Department and one of its former officers who fatally shot a driver in an incident two weeks ago.

During the incident, Officer Lowell Phillips shot a 59-year-old man after he fled from several officers in his car, WDIV reported.

Phillips pulled over Laszlo Latitis’ 1999 Cougar and said he noticed a bottle of pills and several bags of marijuana in his glovebox. When Latitis realized the officer saw the drugs, he sped off and a chase ensued, police said.

According to an internal investigation by the police department, Latitis was using his vehicle as a weapon, and because Phillips felt threatened, the shooting was justified.

County prosecutors determined Phillips shot Latitis, who was unarmed, as a self-defense mechanism.

Latitis’ wife is pursuing a lawsuit against the police department. Her attorney, who called the cop “nothing more than a gun-toting cowboy,” claims he has uncovered lies.

Phillips has been fired, though it was due to previous conduct, not the shooting, according to WDIV.

Dash Cam Video at Center of Lawsuit over Fatal Police Shooting of Laszlo Latitis:

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