Video: Ohio cop berates driver over concealed weapon

Ohio police are investigating the verbal altercation

By PoliceOne Staff

CANTON, Ohio — An Ohio police officer is being scrutinized for berating a driver during a recent arrest that was captured by dash cam.

The Canton Police Department is investigating the June traffic stop during which Officer Daniel Harless grew irate with a driver who he said waited too long to inform him of his concealed weapon, Fox News reported.

Harless’ exchange with the driver, William Bartlett, can be seen in the Fox 8 video, which was originally obtained by a gun rights group and widely posted online.

“You have a gun on you?” Harless asks Bartlett.

Bartlett’s reply appears to anger Harless as he elevates his voice and uses harsher language.

“You’re supposed to say that right off the (expletive) bat,” Harless, now shouting, tells Bartlett.

Bartlett was arrested and charged with a traffic violation and failure to notify a police officer about a concealed weapon, according to his lawyer. He was released the night of the incident.

The video "violates many of our rules, our regulations and standards we demand of our officers,” Canton Police Chief Dean McKimm said.

“I think it’s important for citizens to understand that the behavior demonstrated on the video is wholly unacceptable,” he said.

Harless was placed on administrative leave.

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