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The Police Investigations topic area furnishes cops with the latest news, information and strategies used in closing a case and putting bad guys behind bars. Whether you are a patrol officer arriving first on the scene or a detective searching for leads on a cold case, this touches on everything that happens between the suspect’s crimes to the final conviction.
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January 12, 2011

Cop stopped gunman on day of Ariz. shooting

Took Loughner's driver's license and registration but found no outstanding warrants and did not search the car - Full Story
January 10, 2011
War on meth leads to rise in 'pill brokers'

War on meth leads to rise in 'pill brokers'

Police and federal agents never expected that electronic tracking would actually draw more people into the criminal enterprise surrounding meth - Full Story
January 03, 2011

One message after Mass. shootings: enough

Lowell residents took a stand against violence after a New Year's Eve party shooting left seven injured and one dead - Full Story
January 03, 2011

Pa. man who shot cop on New Year's was sought in another shooting

Also shot a security guard in the back of the neck at a gas station and then robbed the victim while he lay bleeding - Full Story
January 01, 2011

January 2011 Product Roundup: Investigation

PoliceOne is focusing on news and product information about Investigations throughout... - Full Story
December 27, 2010
Online games are new choice for money laundering

Online games are new choice for money laundering

Massively multiplayer online role-playing games like 'Second Life' offer a nearly foolproof way to mask and move money - Full Story
December 23, 2010

3 charged in deadly Atlanta crime spree

'These incidents shook our city, stoking fears even as actual crime numbers dropped,' Police Chief George Turner said - Full Story
December 22, 2010

Call leads cops to woman who killed son

An Indiana resident's call led them to a woman who fed her 3-year-old son olive oil and vinegar until he stopped breathing - Full Story
December 22, 2010

Philly cops discourage vigilantism in strangler search

'We will not tolerate anyone taking vigilante action,' Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey said after an angry crowd gathered outside of a falsely identified suspect’s house - Full Story
December 21, 2010

Footprints in snow lead cops to suspects

A police detective tracked the boys through downtown neighborhoods to a home where one of them lived - Full Story

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