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The Police Investigations topic area furnishes cops with the latest news, information and strategies used in closing a case and putting bad guys behind bars. Whether you are a patrol officer arriving first on the scene or a detective searching for leads on a cold case, this touches on everything that happens between the suspect’s crimes to the final conviction.
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June 01, 2004

Court of Inquiry To Investigate Houston's Police Crime Lab

By Steve Mcvicker, The Houston Chronicle A judge today granted a motion to convene a court of inquiry... - Full Story
May 29, 2004

Town's Mayor, Police Chief Snared in Raid on Illegal Gambling at Tavern

By Shamus Toomey, Chicago Sun-Times The mayor and police chief of tiny Maple Park, Ill. in Kane County... - Full Story
May 28, 2004

Couple Given a Combined 75 Years For Manufacturing Meth; Child Was in House

Editor's Note: The following report on the sentencing of two Tennessee Meth manufacturers serves as a... - Full Story
May 28, 2004

Police Arrest Two Relatives on Slayings of Three Children in Baltimore

The Associated Press BALTIMORE (AP) -- Two male relatives were arrested in the deaths of three children... - Full Story
May 26, 2004

Spanish Police: We Told FBI The Fingerprints Weren't Mayfield's

By Mar Roman, The Associated Press Madrid, Spain (AP) -- Spanish police told the FBI all along that they... - Full Story
May 24, 2004

Coroner's Report Contains New Details in Death of Erie, Pa. Bank Robber Killed By Bomb

The Associated Press Erie, Pa. (AP) -- A pizza deliveryman who robbed a bank, then was killed by a bomb... - Full Story
May 19, 2004

Police Bust Magic Mushroom Operation in New Mexico

The Associated Press Espanola, N.M. (AP) -- New Mexico State police drug enforcement agents have seized... - Full Story
May 16, 2004

Sting Worked: Thief Unwittingly Drives Off in Police Bait Car

The Associated Press HONOLULU (AP) -- The Honolulu Police Department has gone high tech in an effort... - Full Story
May 16, 2004

Former Ga. Police Officer to Serve 6 Years For Selling Meth

The Rockdale Citizen COVINGTON, Ga. (AP) -- A former police officer accused of selling drugs to undercover... - Full Story
May 15, 2004

Fears of Crystal Meth Crisis Rise in New York City

By Tom Hays, The Associated Press New York (AP) -- Skeletal women surface at 12-step programs once exclusive... - Full Story

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