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The Police Investigations topic area furnishes cops with the latest news, information and strategies used in closing a case and putting bad guys behind bars. Whether you are a patrol officer arriving first on the scene or a detective searching for leads on a cold case, this touches on everything that happens between the suspect’s crimes to the final conviction.
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Feds probe Calif. law enforcement weapon sales

Spokesman: Sheriff's deputies helped federal agents serve warrants - Full Story


4 arrested in alleged ricin attack plot

One suspect allegedly intended to use the plot of a novel as a model for plans to attack U.S. federal law officers - Full Story


Calif. cops probe possible boot camp abuses

Police will investigate whether a crime occurred at a youth boot camp after videos surfaced - Full Story


Overcoming the 'Achilles heel' of use-of-force investigations Force Science Institute - Destroying Myths & Discovering Cold Facts

Overcoming the 'Achilles heel' of use-of-force investigations

Part One: Dr. Ed Geiselman offers lessons for conducting fair, impartial, and comprehensive interviews in OISs and other critical-incident cases - Full Story


Death of Ariz. Sgt. remains a mystery

Death of Ariz. Sgt. remains a mystery

Sgt. Sean Drenth was a 12-year veteran when he was fatally shot, and all the available information - case files, photos, and video - has been compiled into one resource. (ABC 15 Image) Interact with the case files


On govt civil rights panel, a call to inspect NYPD

Sahar Aziz, a Texas Wesleyan University law professor, said the NYPD monitoring of mosques, Islamic bookstores and Muslim student groups needed to be looked into - Full Story


Tenn. police describe slaying scene

Former Detective Nathan Lee told the jury that, after Johnathan Ellison was arrested on March 17, he told the officer that he and 27-year-old James Oglesby had stolen a car from Alabama and ditched it in Whitfield County, Ga - Full Story


Sheriff Joe to testify about failed investigations

A federal grand jury is investigating abuse-of-power allegations against him - Full Story


GPS Tracking by LandAirSea Aids Murder Investigation

This murder investigation concluded with the conviction of George Ford found guilty.


Lessons learned from the 'Fast and Furious' fiasco Lt. Dan Marcou - Blue Knights

Lessons learned from the 'Fast and Furious' fiasco

When constructing a new and uniquely different program, it may be advisable to use a technique called 'The Bell, The Book, and The Candle' - Full Story

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