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The Police Investigations topic area furnishes cops with the latest news, information and strategies used in closing a case and putting bad guys behind bars. Whether you are a patrol officer arriving first on the scene or a detective searching for leads on a cold case, this touches on everything that happens between the suspect’s crimes to the final conviction.
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Wash. man killed in stolen car investigation identified

27-year-old James Dean Schultz of Yakima Valley, died early Sunday - Full Story


Predicting criminal behavior: DHS takes a page from 'Minority Report' Tim Dees - Police Tech & Gear

Predicting criminal behavior: DHS takes a page from 'Minority Report'

The Future Attribute Screening Technology (FAST) Project uses high-tech sensors to detect indicators of potential criminal activity - Full Story


NY police resuming search in serial-killer probe

NY police resuming search in serial-killer probe

State police say recent FBI aerial photography is prompting a return to the area - Full Story


Task force looking for missing Ore. boy to disband

The search for the seven-year-old has cost more than $1.4 million - Full Story


911 call warned of Va. deputy’s deadly plan

The greatest delay is not the police officer responding to the crime, it's the report of the crime - Full Story


More states embrace warrantless cell phone searches

A January decision by the Calif. Supreme Court made it legal to search an arrestee's cell phone without a warrant - Full Story


El Paso's homicide clearance rate: 102 of 106 murders since '04

Since 1980, dept. has had an 87 percent homicide clearance rate, compared with national average of 63 percent - Full Story


Charges days away in 'difficult' fan beating case

Chief says LAPD has "an abundance" of evidence tying Giovanni Ramirez to beating - Full Story


Police satisfied with Stow beating suspect lineup

Giovanni Ramirez, suspected of brutal beating after Dodgers game in March, remains in custody on a parole hold - Full Story


10 years after 9/11: Terrorism as a criminal enterprise Lance Eldridge - All Law Enforcement is Local

10 years after 9/11: Terrorism as a criminal enterprise

The connection between criminal activity — whether one might consider it ‘organized’ or not — and terrorist organizations has history that continues to this very day - Full Story

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