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Is pot legalization inevitable?; Video: Escaped goat charges police

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 Are we slouching toward legalized marijuana?
 Be dangerous: Maintaining street smarts off duty
 January 3, 2014
Dear PoliceOne Member,

For the third time in five years, I've willingly wrapped my hand around one of the third rails of editorial topics here on PoliceOne: marijuana legalization. When the legal sale of recreational pot became a reality on Wednesday in Colorado, today's column practically became a foregone conclusion.

Are we slowly slouching toward legalized marijuana, or can this trend be reversed? In a 2011 PoliceOne poll, 25 percent of respondents said that legalized pot is "where we're headed." By December of 2013, that number jumped to 43 percent.

What do you think? Where are we headed with all this?

Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Editor In Chief
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From Dorner to record LODDs, 2013 in review

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10-43: Be Advised...

Are we slouching toward legalized marijuana?

By Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Editor in Chief
Retail sale of “recreational pot” officially began this week in Colorado — does this mark the beginning of an inevitable slide toward legal marijuana from coast to coast across the United States? 3 burning questions
Training to Think

Be dangerous: Maintaining street smarts off duty

By Steve Papenfuhs, PoliceOne Contributor
Body language, situational awareness, stride, and walking pace are major precipitators for victimization. Do you know how to recognize when you're being targeted? Use these tips to find out. Unconscious defense
Report writing: Technology
Report Writing consists of many areas that are important and combine to ensure a successful prosecution.
Police car crashes into ditch during pursuit
Dash cam footage of an officer narrowly avoiding an oncoming vehicle and slamming into a ditch during a pursuit in Russia.
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P1 First Person

An open letter: Thank you, PoliceOne

By Jeff Jensen, PoliceOne Member
I wanted to send a quick note of thanks for the overwhelming and unbelievable response. In June of 2013, our family home — along with nearly 500 others — was lost to a forest fire that occurred in Black Forest, Colorado. We lost everything

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Speed-cuffing tactic to keep you safe
Dan Marcou demonstrates an excellent speed-cuffing technique which can help keep you safe. Watch the video
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P1 Member Photo of the Week
A taste of reality
This week's photo comes from Officer Sophie Martinez of the Waco (Texas) Police Department. Pictured are members of the Explorer Post 415 program.
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