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Ore. officer shot responding to fire; LAX shooting: Should TSA agents be armed?

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 Shooting through glass: 4 types
 Report challenges alleged dangers of hog-tying
 November 4, 2013
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Sheriff: Ore. officer shot responding to fire

LAX shooting sparks debate on security, arming TSA agents

Texas chief dies after falling from ladder

Today's Top Stories:
Dallas police fatally shoot man who stole TASER: Salvador Munoz grabbed the ECD from police and pointed it at them
US court: Warrant needed for vehicle GPS tracking: 3rd Circuit Court ruling goes beyond 2012 Supreme Court decision
Off-duty cop nearly stabbed by man in clown wig: Officer identified himself as cop, man swung at him with screwdriver
NH man must apologize for defecating in squad
SC police chief's post sets off Facebook frenzy
Fla. police revamp neighborhood watch
La. cop attacked at restaurant, 3 teens arrested
DC on fast track to decriminalizing pot possession
Inmate stabs Mo. officer in back of head with pencil
Law Enforcement Firearms

Shooting your way in: Desperate measures for desperate events

By Richard Fairburn, PoliceOne Columnist
It is not unusual for police officers to face a threat behind glass. In desperate situations where numbers of innocents are being killed in an active shooter event, glass doors or windows are about the easiest ingress point and can be breached in several ways.

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Destroying Myths & Discovering Cold Facts

Scientific probe challenges danger of prone positioning, hog-tying

By Force Science Institute
The tactic of "proning out" and "hog-tying" a combative suspect has taken repeated bad raps. Yet rigorous scientific studies have failed to substantiate the technique's alleged danger. Another study has something new to add to the argument.
Police take down brawlers at festival
Footage of officers taking down three people involved in a scuffle during a music festival.
Throwback: 1976 'Vehicle Ambush'
Police training film regarding the use of cars as weapons by criminals.
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Tactical Tip
How not to carry your cell phone
By Glen R. Kerley, PoliceOne Member
I've seen this practice at many departments and by all kinds of officers. With cell phones growing in size, the question of where to put them also becomes as large. Outside or inside?
Dublin PD, Meggitt Training Systems "Bring The Street To The Range"
The goal of Dublin OH Division of Police was to bring as much reality to firearms training as possible. Working with Meggitt Training Systems, they now have the ability to integrate real-world training tools into its live fire training.
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