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Robbery suspect stabs deputy, flees court; Bystander foils suicide-by-cop plot

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 Fight the good fight with moral clarity
 Gen 4 Glock offers improvements
 September 9, 2013
Featured News

Cop's widow meets man who got husband’s heart

Texas cop shot in head, expected to survive

Zimmerman's wife: He threatened me with gun

Today's Top Stories:
Ark. SWAT kill 107-year-old man in standoff: SWAT released gas into the room when negotiations failed
Mich. bystander foils suicide-by-cop plot: Man saw someone crawling under police gates with a gun, called 911
NY sheriffs: We won't enforce gun laws, magazine limits: Law bans sales of some popular semi-automatic rifles
Man who confessed fatal DUI crash in viral video charged
Robbery suspect stabs deputy, flees Detroit court
Video of fatal New Orleans raid leaves unanswered questions
Off-duty officer shoots intruder in her home
Ohio kidnapper said police missed chance in 2004
Undercover cop delivers frames full of meth, busts smuggler
Patrol Issues

Fight the good fight with moral clarity

By Dan Marcou, PoliceOne Columnist
There is more than one way to lose a fight on the street. When you deviate from being a protector and become a prosecutor, you may win the physical battle, but you will lose everything that is most important to you in the long run. Can't buy it back
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Firearms Corner

The Gen 4 Glock offers improvements on an excellent design

By Ron Avery, PoliceOne Columnist
When the patent expired on the Glock trigger, Smith and Wesson, Springfield, FNH, SIG, and others have tried to grab a share of the polymer pistol market. Glock responded with the new Gen 4 handgun. Stronger grip
Drunk man punches cop, gets knocked out
A man sitting on the hood of a patrol vehicle is removed by an officer. As the officer does so, the man takes a swing at him.
Police capture lion cub in cruiser
Police responded to calls of a stray lion cub on the loose in the streets of Kuwait.
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    Tactical Tip
    Handcuff keys and medical information
    By Curtis Morris, PoliceOne Member
    I learned this tip from a Maryland State Trooper. Keep a handcuff key in your glove pouch (if you keep in on the back of your belt) so you can reach it in a hurry if you end up handcuffed behind your back. And one more thing
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