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Why SWAT needs drones; Ready for rampaging Jihadis?

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This month's eNews is mostly up in the air. Dan Marcou offers some tips on how to prep your SWAT team for a crisis on a plane, while Glenn French explains why your newest SWAT team member is a drone — and why that's a good thing.

Glenn also reminds us to not forget some of the tactical options present to us when performing a 'tubular assault.'

Lastly, with ISIS recently threatening to attack Americans on U.S. soil, we're dipping into the archives with one more piece from Glenn on countering a terrorist attack.

The PoliceOne Team
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SWAT Training
Prepare your SWAT team for a crisis on a plane
By Dan Marcou, PoliceOne Columnist
Imagine the radio in your squad or on your belt suddenly squawks: "Respond to the airport — there is a man on board flight 111 who says he has a bomb." 5 steps
Why your newest SWAT team member is a drone
By Glenn French, PoliceOne Columnist
The requirement for SWAT teams to seek a warrant for the use of drones is smart and good policy. The future is here
SWAT Tactics
Tactical options for SWAT making a 'tubular assault'
By Glenn French, PoliceOne Columnist
There are a couple tactical options that tend to be overlooked in the planning stages of a tubular assault. Don't forget these
SWAT archives
Is your SWAT team ready for rampaging Jihadis?
By Glenn French, PoliceOne Columnist
We’ve got tactics to neutralize a lone gunman and resolve active-shooter incidents, but what about an all-out terrorist assault?
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