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Law enforcement training

Law enforcement training

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Fulcrum Tactical Training and Support

Fulcrum Tactical provides world class law enforcement training to police officers nation wide at the lowest possible cost. We do this in order keep our police officer safe.


Fulcrum Tactical Training & Support - ExpBreach HostResCourse

Fulcrum Tactical Training and Support was formed with the objective of becoming the leading law enforcement charity that provides otherwise unattainable training and support to those who most require it: our law enforcement brothers and sisters protecting and serving our communities.


Fulcrum Tactical Training & Support - Wallbanger

Fulcrum Tactical instructors teach principle based tactics in its courses. This teaching methodology and philosophy allows our instructors to be able to pass on life-saving skills that will be learned and put into practice by officers in a short amount of time compared with simply teaching tactical "techniques". By teaching tactical principles, we pass on one of the most important yet overlooked skills necessary for officers to survive which is the ability to think.


Fulcrum Tactical

Fulcrum Tactical training another great SWAT team!!!

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