HR218 Explained

Ed Note: PoliceOne legal columnist Ken Wallentine delves into some of the legal subtleties of HR 218 in the below article—be sure to check out Iron Pigs, Hells Angels, and universal off duty carry: Behind the scenes in a critical court case, part one of Charles Remsberg’s two-part article on the Sturgis incident.

A South Dakota Circuit Court judge recently dismissed charges relating to carrying concealed weapons against Scott Lazalde, 38, of Bellingham, Washington, and James Rector, 44, Ferndale, Washington, law enforcement officers with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Service, and Dennis McCoy, 58, of Seattle, Wash., a Seattle police sergeant and Ron Smith, 43, a Seattle police detective. During a confrontation at the Loud American Roadhouse bar in Sturgis, South Dakota, Detective Smith shot Hells Angel member Joseph McGuire as McGuire made aggressive moves toward Smith.

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