Video: Fort Worth police say footage justifies officer’s fatal shooting

The driver allegedly rolled up his window and drove away, dragging the officer, whose arm was stuck inside

By PoliceOne Staff

FORT WORTH, Texas — Video has been released of a police shooting in Texas in which a suspected drug dealer was killed.

The Fort Worth Police Department says the video backs up Officer J. Romer’s claim that he was acting in self-defense.

The video shows Officer Romer (in a white police van) pulling over 32-year-old Charal Thomas in a black SUV.

Several minutes into the stop, according to, Thomas allegedly rolled up his window and drove away, dragging Officer Romer, whose arm was stuck inside.

When Romer got his arm free, the SUV was accelerating toward the highway, according to The officer said he shot Thomas to stop the SUV and save his own life.

Thomas' stepbrother, Rev. Randolph Shaheed has been critical of the officer’s actions, which can be seen in the video below.

Thomas was suspected of transporting drugs in the van, which was also carrying an adult passenger and three children.

Police will search the van today.

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