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From the Supreme Court on down to the county courthouse, police law and decisions affecting law enforcement change on a daily basis. The Legal topic page on PoliceOne is a must-read for any officer, at any agency, who wants to stay up-to-date on the latest news. Every trial, verdict, and court decision that has to do with cops will be covered on this page, which also features expert analysis.
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November 08, 2014

Arizona's immigrant smuggling law struck down

The ruling marked the latest in a string of restrictions placed by the courts on Arizona's effort to get local police to confront illegal immigration - Full Story
November 08, 2014
Obama picks Lynch as new AG, says she'll carry on equal justice

Obama picks Lynch as new AG, says she'll carry on equal justice

The 55-year-old Lynch would be the first African-American woman to serve as attorney general - Full Story
November 06, 2014

Man won't face charges for taking AR-15 into Ariz. airport

A medical researcher at a renowned neurological hospital accused of pointing a loaded rifle toward a woman and her teen daughter won't face charges - Full Story
November 06, 2014

Prop. 47 jolts landscape of Calif. justice system

Voter-approved initiative reduces penalties for drug possession and other nonviolent crimes - Full Story
November 05, 2014

SC police chemist fired for mishandling evidence sues for $3M

Brenda Toomer-Frazier handled about 750 cases during time as a chemist for the police department. Nearly 195 of those are being re-examined - Full Story
November 04, 2014

Boston Marathon suspect's sister pleads guilty

Sister pleaded guilty Tuesday to misleading a police detective during a counterfeiting investigation, avoiding jail time in an agreement with prosecutors - Full Story
November 03, 2014

Prosecutor: Fatal shooting of costumed man with sword justified

Officers were justified in fatally shooting a young man who was wielding a sword as part of a Japanese anime costume - Full Story
November 03, 2014

Ohio cop killer loses death sentence appeal

Ashford Thompson shot Officer Joshua Miktarian 4 times in the head, at close range, after Thompson had been stopped for playing loud music in his car - Full Story
October 30, 2014

Ky. man who posted song lyrics won't face charges

Prosecutors dismissed a felony charge against a man who spent more than a week in jail for posting violent song lyrics to his Facebook page - Full Story
October 29, 2014
Defense says FBI posed as tech repairmen in ruse

Defense says FBI posed as tech repairmen in ruse

Federal agents turned off Internet access to three luxury villas at a Las Vegas hotel then impersonated repair technicians to surreptitiously get inside and collect evidence in an investigation - Full Story

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